The story of the referencing guides

Not too long ago in the Faculty of Business and Law staff and students were using different referencing guides.  For example, in the Business School many of the student programme handbooks included a guide written by our colleague Dr Brahim Herbane.  Whereas some programmes made use of the University Library.

Brahim Library

But this was confusing for staff and students alike, because the guides didn’t agree on some things.  So, we got together in 2009/10 to create a guide to referencing for the Faculty.  But, the Law School largely wanted to continue to use a Footnotes approached based on Oscola.  So, two guides rather than one was needed.  We worked with colleagues from the Faculty and wider University and in Summer 2010 the first editions of the guides were published and used for the first time across the Faculty in 2010/11.  Since then, year on year the guides have been updated.  The latest versions (Edition Five) were published in Autumn 2014:

Harvard 5   Footnotes 5

We need to stress that these are not definitive guides to referencing – there are some good books which do that.  These guides were created for our students, and endorsed by the Faculty.   All students in the Faculty are however advised to check specific requirements with their module leaders as opinions, understandably, do vary.

At a University level the Library continues to produce a guide to Harvard.  Our guide varies slightly on some aspects.  If students from the Faculty do use this guide instead of ours it shouldn’t be seen as a problem though.  We just want them to be consistence in their approach.


In the meantime we continue to develop teaching and learning materials around the guides.  For example, here are the links to latest versions of the diagnostics quizzes we use: